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Meshed Up Productions is an Event Production Company founded by Matt Meshbane in 2014. Meshed Up Productions has a crew of talented sound engineers and several P.A. systems available for weddings, corporate events, festivals, and private parties. The equipment can be scaled up or down for events of any size. Delivery, professional setup, and a friendly & experienced sound engineer are included in our packages. Individual gear rental is available on a case by case basis.

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photo credit: Dave Creaney

Matt and his family laid down roots in Austin, Texas in 1980.  In the mid 80’s Matt started teaching himself to play guitar and began participating in the burgeoning music scene.  In 1990 Matt joined the Navy where he learned to troubleshoot and repair electronics.  Matt returned to Austin in 1994 and by 1996 he was booking bands as a freelancer and acting as sound engineer.  He spent the next 15 years as a professional sound engineer and talent acquisition specialist for multiple top notch local music venues around Austin.  In 2014 Matt decided to start his own production company and Meshed Up Productions was born.

Meshed Up Productions also books AWESOME local bands (of all genres) and works with a host of partners to provide everything you might need for your event:  stage, lighting, catering, venue space, and MORE!

From parking lots, to porches, private parties, to playhouses, backyards to festivals- we curate spectacular events for any occasion.  If you don’t know where to start and need a little extra help putting it all together, we offer a complete solution.

We look forward to working with you!