Event Production in Texas:

Meshed Up Productions is an Event Production Company founded by Matthew Phillip Meshbane in 2014.
We have a team of sound engineers and PA systems available for:
live music venues, bands, weddings, corporate events, festivals, and private parties.



Meshed Up - Viva Big Bend

Setups include:

  • Subwoofers
  • Front House Speakers
  • Side-Fills
  • Monitors
  • Microphones
  • Direct Input Boxes
  • Drum Mic Packages
    • Kick, Snare, High-Hat, Rack Tom, Floor Tom, and Overheads
  • Sound Boards
    • Allen & Heath, Midas, Behrenger
    • 16 – 32 Inputs
    • DJ Mixers

With 6 Full Service P.A. Systems, 3 vans, 1 trailer, and a 14 person crew we are available for travel anywhere in the State of Texas.  

mics, cables, stands, power strips, universal power cords, extension cords, adapters, accessories, tables and rugs

Stages Available:
Stageline SL100, Stageline SL320
Marshall Austin 16′ x 20′
Biljax 4’x4′ Panels and 4’x8′ Panels

Backline available:
guitar amps, keyboard amps, bass amps,
lights, projectors, video screens

photo credit: Dave Creaney

Meshed Up Productions Logo

We look forward to working with you!

Recommended Gear:

Meshed Up - Viva Big Bend